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Shotgun cartridges

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Shotgun cartridges, also called buckshot cartridges, are those cartridges that can be fired from shotguns (long guns with blank barrels). Several small shot pellets are scattered with one shot - in contrast to the rifle cartridge, which is fired from rifled barrels and in which only one pellet is precisely brought to the target with significantly higher energy.

The shotgun cartridge contains the projectile (bullet) in the case of so-called shotgun barrel bullets or the shot charge (shot grains), the shot cup for volume compensation in the cartridge, the propellant charge and the priming charge.

As mentioned above, when such a cartridge is fired, many individual shot grains are scattered. This type of charge is used in Germany only on small and light targets(small game) and usually has an effective operational distance of max. 30-50m. But be careful: The danger area can be much larger! Here the rule of thumb applies: Shotgun shell diameter x 100m.

The cost of shotgun shells varies greatly depending on the caliber and type of shot. As a rule, the cartridges are sold in packages of 25 pieces. The common lead shot cartridges usually cost between 5-15€ in a 25-pack. For steel shot, which is used more and more after a widespread lead shot ban in some federal states, you have to pay a bit more. Bismuth shot is probably the most expensive type of shot. With this shot variant one must count for the 25er packing with 50-75 euro.

Shotgun shells can be purchased by anyone who has a valid purchase authorization (hunting license for hunters, WBK for sport shooters).

Shotgun shells are either at the gunsmith / gun dealer of your confidence. Many hunters also buy their ammunition at their local Frankonia branch. But you can also purchase ammunition of any kind online. you can quickly find the right ammunition for your shotgun and hunting type thanks to intelligent filters and great offers.

For shotgun cartridges, the shot size / grain size is given by the diameter of the single shot grain in a shotgun cartridge. Instead of stating the diameter in mm directly, numbers are given, where - at least according to German understanding - the principles are: "The larger the number, the smaller the grain size." & "Between two sizes, the diameter changes by approx. 0.25mm."

Since there is a great variance internationally with regard to the designation of shot sizes and confusion can arise due to the same designation of different sizes in different countries, a table is attached here to help provide an overview of the country-specific designations of shot sizes.

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