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Buffer cartridges

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A buffer cartridge is a kind of dummy of a cartridge that corresponds exactly to the respective cartridge size in terms of external dimensions, but cannot be recognized as a real cartridge at first glance - for example, due to a conspicuous coloring. Buffer cartridges are made of plastic or metal. They are used for practice / drill or for safe decocking of weapons.

Buffer cartridges are useful in two respects: They serve for safe practice, for example, the rapid repetition. For this purpose, the magazine of the weapon is loaded with buffer cartridges. In addition, buffer cartridges can be used to safely decock weapons without damaging them. This is advisable so that the firing pin spring is not constantly tensioned, which can lead to premature wear or loss of spring tension.

To decock, the buffer cartridges are inserted into the chamber of the weapon and the trigger(s) are pulled. If a weapon is fired empty, i.e. without a buffer cartridge in the chamber, the firing pin may be damaged. The buffer cartridge prevents this because a spring element is installed in buffer cartridges instead of the primer, which absorbs the impact energy of the firing pin.

The cost of buffer cartridges varies greatly depending on the type, caliber, and the type of firearm used. The cost for a pair of buffer cartridges is usually between 10€-60€.

Buffer cartridges are freely available and are not subject to any restrictions.

New and used buffer cartridges can be purchased either at your local gunsmith / gun dealer or online. On you can quickly find the ideal offer for you thanks to intelligent filters and great deals.

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