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Airsoft or also called softair is a tactical terrain game in which one or more teams compete against each other. The players of the teams are equipped with airsoft weapons with which they fire at each other, similar to paintball. However, airsoft does not shoot paintballs that leave visible marks on the players' clothes. Airsoft weapons shoot small plastic balls, so-called BBs (depending on the explanatory approach of "baby bullet" or "ball bearing"), which leave no traces on the clothes - hit players must indicate themselves.

Although shooting plastic pellets may sound like playing with toys, nothing could be further from the truth! BBs are propelled at 0.5 - 3 joules, depending on the weapon, and reach speeds at the muzzle from 30 m/s to over 80 m/s - that's almost 300 km/h! Therefore, protective goggles are indispensable for Combat games!

Since airsoft is a tactical combat game, the most important thing is how far you can hit with a softair gun. The hop-up system in softair guns creates a backward spin in the bullet. The trajectory of the bullet is deflected to the side on which it rotates with the flow - upward in the case of air-soft weapons. As a result, the bullet has an upward curved trajectory and flies straight for a longer period of time until the backward spin decreases and the gravitational force of the earth pulls the bullet downward. This effect makes it possible to hit up to 100 meters, which makes the game very interesting.

There are basically three types of airsoft weapons:

Airsoft guns start at a few euros, but the sky's the limit, so to speak. A precise replica of an assault rifle with hop-up, blow-back and illuminated dot sights can be just as expensive as the original. Airsoft players in particular place a lot of emphasis on the authentic look and faithful replication of the circumstances, which is why airsoft equipment can become more expensive than hunting equipment.

A video from an airsoft event in the Czech Republic, where even tanks and helicopters are used, illustrates this very appropriately:

You can shoot with airsoft weapons on your own, pacified property, furthermore on the venues where the organizer's house right allows the shooting of airsoft weapons. Airsoft weapons are apparent weapons, since they are optically indistinguishable from the original weapons, which they are modeled on. Therefore, they may not be carried in public spaces - and therefore not shot.

Airsoft weapons are freely available for sale from the age of 14 if they have a maximum muzzle energy of 0.5 joules. If you want to use airsoft weapons for competitive play, you should use a weapon of about 1.5 joules muzzle energy. Airsoft pistols or rifles from 0.5 joules to 7.5 joules muzzle energy, are free for sale with the F in the pentagon from the age of 18. Anything above that becomes subject to a gun permit and would be unsuitable for tagging others due to the strong bullet energy (the limit is well below that!).

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