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The rangefinder - An underestimated hunting utensil. Due to the drop in the height of the bullet on the trajectory, the hunter can hit his target only up to a certain distance without changing the stopping point. This distance should be known to the hunter as accurately as possible based on the ballistic characteristics of his lab and the selected firing distance. For all shots beyond this distance, either the aiming point must be changed or the reticle must be adjusted. For this, however, the exact distance must be known. Rangefinders therefore help to avoid missed shots due to incorrect estimation of the shooting distance. Some rangefinders and binocular models provide the hunter with additional information about ballistics. Using the distance and programmed laboratory data, the system calculates the ballistic curve and indicates the appropriate stopping point. However, weather conditions can also significantly affect the trajectory.

Laser rangefinders differ not only in range and magnification, but also in the quality of the optical system and, accordingly, in price. If you still want to get accurate measurements even under suboptimal lighting conditions, you should definitely pay attention to this. A rangefinder for hunting should at least be waterproof to allow use in adverse weather conditions. It should also be as quiet and non-slip as possible, which is brought about with non-slip rubber armor. Some laser rangefinders are also equipped with a ballistics calculator that displays breakpoint corrections for long-range and angle shots.


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