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A hunting backpack is part of the basic equipment for every hunter, however, countless different models are available for a wide variety of purposes.

A brief overview of the most important criteria can help in choosing the right product:

A hunting backpack should have at least 30 liters of capacity for the equipment. If it is to transport the disassembled weapon or game, you should choose a model with at least 50 liters capacity.


As with all hunting equipment, hunting backpacks can come in a wide range of prices. Entry-level models from lesser-known manufacturers are sometimes available for as little as about 30 euros, and need not be of inferior quality for that reason. Especially military stores offer many robust and functional models made of plastic, which are excellent for hunting, because they have various easily accessible pockets. Thus, equipment can be found quickly. Classic models, on the other hand, which are often made of loden can cost several hundred euros. However, loden is not for nothing traditionally one of the most popular fabrics for hunting clothing and equipment - because it insulates well and is to some extent water repellent. In addition, hunting equipment made of loden is often robust and durable, so an expensive loden backpack is also an investment for the future.


Whether you choose a traditional loden backpack or a modern functional backpack is primarily a matter of personal taste. Traditional hunting backpacks are usually made of loden with leather and fit well with the tradition-conscious hunting outfit. As a rule, they offer a lot of storage space, but usually have a limited number of pockets. The classic model is built like a sack, to which are still attached two external pockets. Modern, on functional backpacks are usually made of plastics such as nylon and offer a variety of pockets and different designs. In terms of price, entry-level models are available from about 30 euros, while modern, water-resistant and ultra-light models can be priced at several hundred euros.


Most traditional gun manufacturers now also offer a great deal of equipment for hunting, outside of guns. Thus, the absolute industry giants such as Beretta, Blaser or Merkel Gear, but also Pinewood and Parforce enjoy great popularity in the field of hunting pressure bags. The brands popular by Gunfinder users are:



Especially with larger and heavier backpacks, it is important that the weight rests on the hips and not on the shoulders as much as possible. This is ensured by a hip belt. The straps should be as wide and padded as possible and should be able to be adjusted and tightened so that the piece of luggage fits tightly and does not rub against the wearer's body. To ensure that even heavy weight can be carried safely and comfortably, the center of gravity of the backpack must be as close as possible to the wearer's body center of gravity. Inside the backpack it should be possible to lash the luggage to be transported tightly so that the center of gravity cannot shift.


For hunting or stalking, this criterion is of secondary importance, since there are usually no long distances to be covered or the weapon is carried on the rifle sling when stalking. In mountain hunting, however, long distances must be covered on foot before stalking game at all. For this purpose, it is important that the rifle can be carried comfortably in its disassembled state in the backpack. Break-barrel rifles are best suited for this purpose because they are relatively small and light and can be disassembled into handy individual parts in just a few steps. Heavier bolt-action rifles usually cannot be disassembled and must be attached to the outside of the backpack by straps if necessary.


It is inevitable that the backpack will come into contact with sweat at some point during hunting. Therefore, the backpack should be easy to clean. It is also a basic requirement that the backpack is water repellent.


While most hunters will agree on the criteria listed above, opinions on contemporary design will vary widely among the hunting community. Some swear by classic hunting materials like loden, while others prefer more modern synthetic materials. There is agreement on the choice of color: hunting equipment must be green or brown.

Many young hunters sometimes use backpacks for hunting that are not made specifically for hunting, such as army or outdoor models. With these, it is important to make sure that they do not have loose parts such as buckles or fasteners that rattle or make abrasive noises that would make the hunter noticeable.


On Gunfinder, in addition to the best deals on guns and ammo, you can also find the best deals on any hunting equipment, including hunting backpacks. For those who want to go directly to the dealer, the following retailers offer a wide range of hunting backpacks, both according to traditional desing and in a modern, functional style:


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