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The equipment for young hunters

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The green baccalaureate is passed, the first hunting license is solved, now it can go - Waidmannsheil!

In order for you to be able to hunt successfully and appropriately, you will need some equipment. Although your stock of hunting equipment will continue to grow over the coming years and will also be adapted to your needs and your way of hunting, every young hunter should acquire some equipment at the beginning of his time as a hunter.

Before a weapon may be purchased, a weapon safe must first be acquired.

Only then can be taken care of theright hunting weapon with optics, to which also arifle sling and for the transport asheath or a gun case belong. In addition, agun cleaning kit should be purchased for proper care.

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To protect hearing from the sound of bullets, you should also think alreadyelectronic hearing protection. Especially in narrow shooting ranges and small pulpits, the bang is reflected back from the walls, which is particularly harmful to hearing without protection. But even outdoors, sound levels of over 130 decibels are enough to cause irreparable damage to hearing, which is why shooting without hearing protection is strongly discouraged - a single shot can be enough to cause damage.

In order to be able to approach and observe game safely, the purchase of binoculars is indispensable. Theoretically, one could also observe game with the scope on the weapon, but this use is on the one hand unwieldy due to the length of the weapon, on the other hand it is unweidmännisch to take animals, which are possibly not yet identified as game with the weapon in the target.

Furthermore, a high-quality hunting knife should be purchased right at the beginning, as this is constantly used in hunting and is essential in many situations - a high-quality knife can also last for many years - those who save on knives buy twice!

You should also have weatherproof clothing right from the start. Without this, the hunting trip is often a strain and gives little pleasure. A weatherproof, low-noise hunting rucksack or a hunting bag with similar attributes, as well as a hunting hat or cap complete the basic equipment.

As you will quickly notice, there are many utensils that can simplify your hunting success and many hunting situations for you. In addition to the knife, for example, in terms of breaking open a small bone saw very helpful. With it you can open the lock and the chest more easily, if this is desired. Such a saw is usually included in a professional pry set.

A stalking stick / target stick is also often very handy. If excitable game is not within shooting distance of a raised hide, it can be approached in this way and, with the help of said stalking stick, a useful shooting rest is also at hand in the open field.

A headlamp is also indispensable because the stalking is usually done in the dark. Flashlights are less recommended, as they leave one hand less free than the headlamp, which should have different light intensities. It is also advisable to have a red or green light in addition to the normal function, as this can be perceived less easily by the game.

If the piece is lying and has already been taken care of, the right recovery aidcan save you the trouble ofpulling or dragging the piece. The further transport to the cold storage cell can also be made uncomplicated and above all clean by the right equipment in the form of a game carrier for the trailer coupling or a game tray for the trunk. There are many more pieces of equipment that are useful and helpful. With the above mentioned equipment, however, an adequate and appropriate hunting practice can already take place and the first hunting successes can be achieved.

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