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Tilting barrel bushings

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Drop barrel rifles are drop barrel rifles that usually have one barrel - or two barrels in the case of the Bock r ifles and the double r ifles - and whosecartridge chamber is released by bending (tilting) the barrel/barrel bundle, thus enabling loading. This special form of rifle is also available as a small-caliber rifle.

Since break-barrel rifles are usually very light, they are particularly suitable for mountain hunting. Chamois in particular are regularly hunted with break-barrel rifles. This type of rifle is also very suitable for sitting game or stalking. For driven hunts, it is often advisable to use a bolt action rifle or a self-loading rifle, as these allow a quick second shot better than the drop barrel rifle.

As mentioned above, most break-barrel rifles are very lightweight and have a slim and functional design. Also, like almost all break-barrel guns, they can be quickly and easily disassembled (the so-called take-down system), which greatly facilitates transportation.

Furthermore, single shot rifles are partly equipped with cocking and safety systems, which are considered to be very safe. For example, there are some break-barrel rifles that have a cock-tensioning system. This is considered relatively safe because the gun is "armed" by cocking the hammer just before firing. It does not have an additional safety catch, as this is not necessary. If the shot is not fired and you want to secure the weapon again, you simply release the hammer (as with a revolver) and the weapon is "secured".

The cost of a break-barrel rifle varies as much as other types of weapons. You can buy a single shot rifle like the Bergara BA13 for a few hundred Euros. For more noble single shot rifles like the Blaser K95 Baronesse you can spend up to 20.000€.

Also there are always good used break barrel rifles on the market. If you are interested, you can find the right used single shot rifle on!

A single shot rifle can be purchased by anyone who has a valid purchase authorization (hunting license for hunters, WBK for sport shooters).

New and used single shot rifles can be purchased either at your local gunsmith / gun dealer or online. On, you can quickly find the ideal shotgun for you thanks to intelligent filters and great offers.

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