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Combined arms

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Combined arms are long guns that have both a shotgun barrel and a rifle barrel, or have several rifle barrels in different calibers. This type of weapon, used almost exclusively for hunting, usually has a break-barrel system. Rarely, other forms of single barrels also occur.

The individual forms of the combined arms differ in the composition of the various barrels as well as their arrangement.

Especially for driven hunts, where big game as well as small game is hunted and or must be shot at long as well as short distances, combined weapons are very interesting. Also, some forms of them represent a high hunting tradition.

Especially in hunting grounds where the intention is to hunt small game as well as big game, it can be worthwhile to use a combined weapon. This way you have the possibility to hunt different game species with different types of ammunition.

The cost of combined arms varies greatly and depends mainly on the type of weapon. On the one hand, there are always cheap used Bockbüchsflinten on the market, on the other hand, you can spend for a very well-preserved noble triplet up to several tens of thousands of euros.

A Bockflinte can acquire, who has a valid acquisition authorization (hunting license with hunters, WBK with sport shooters).

You can buy new and used combination weapons either at your local gunsmith or online. On you can quickly find the ideal Combined Weapon for you thanks to intelligent filters and great offers.

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