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Founded in 1957, the German gun company Blaser produces shotguns as well as rifles, which are technically considered to be of the highest quality and enjoy great popularity among hunters and sport shooters worldwide.

Blaser guns are manufactured using industrial processes and are characterized by hand cocking, which allows the loaded gun to be carried with the lock decocked, as well as the modularity of the guns. For example, the R8 allows barrels of different calibers to be changed quickly without much effort or the use of complex special tools. However, the gun becomes truly individual through its high number of variations in terms of material, applications and the shape of the stock. Theoretically, there are several hundred individual variations of the R8 alone, so that every hunter can put together the modular version that best suits his preferences.

Blaser's straight pull rifles in particular have attracted attention in recent years due to their technically unique workmanship and innovative extras.

In addition to hunting rifles, Blaser also offers accessories, ammunition and hunting clothing as well as optics in the higher price segment.

Blaser rifle scopes are deliberately produced with reticles in the first image plane, because the distance to the target can be estimated at lightning speed. Blaser also stands for innovation in the field of optics, for example with the iC Illumination Control technology, in which the illuminated dot reticle is only activated when the rifle is cocked.

New from Blaser: The HunTec collection for hunting under extreme conditions.

Price range (bolt action rifle): 3.000€-15.000€

Price range (Drop barrel rifles): 3.500€-13.000€

Price class (shotguns): 2.800€-13.000€

Price class (Combined arms): 2.800-30.000€

Price class scopes: 2.000€ - 3.500€


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