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By "repeater" we mean Classic Chambered Stem Repeater modeled after the Classic 98 System. After the shot is fired, the bolt is unlocked, opened and pushed back by a manual movement, pulling the empty cartridge case out of the chamber and ejecting it from the gun. When the bolt is pushed forward, it slides over the magazine, takes a new cartridge from it and inserts it into the chamber from the rear. Finally, the bolt is locked again and the lock cocked - the gun is ready to fire again. With manual cocks, the cocking of the lock is done by a separate movement of the shooter immediately before firing. Manual cocking is the safest technical option for a loaded weapon - only an unloaded weapon is safer. Systems that are automatically cocked when the bolt is advanced again require a safety. The closer it is functionally to the firing pin, i.e. the part that triggers the firing of the cartridge, the safer the safety. The safest safety is therefore the firing pin safety, the most common alternatives act on the hammer or the trigger.

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