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Self-loading shotguns

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Shotguns are mainly used for hunting small game with buckshot ammunition.

Self-loading shotguns (also called semi-automatic shotguns) are shotguns in which the empty cartridge case is automatically removed from the chamber and ejected after firing a shot, and a new cartridge is inserted into the chamber. Accordingly, after firing a shot, the shotgun is almost immediately ready to fire again. Since they also usually have a larger loading capacity than double-barreled shotguns or bock double-barreled shotguns, they are especially popular with those hunters who want to fire many shots in succession in a short time. A distinction is made between recoil loaders and gas pressure loaders.

Self-loading shotguns are often frowned upon by more traditional hunters in Germany, as they are considered modern, American and not suitable for hunting in the classical sense. However, their technical advantages are often not considered.

Since they usually have a larger loading capacity than double-barreled shotguns or double-action shotguns, they are especially popular with hunters who want to fire many shot loads in a short time.

The cost of a self-loading shotgun varies just as much as other types of weapons.

For example, the Mercury Hunting Escort self- loading shotgun can be purchased new for less than €400, but the Sauer SL5 in the same class can cost 10 times that amount.

The market for used self-loading shotguns is also always full of interesting offers. If you are interested, you can find the right used self-loading shotgun on!

A self-loading shotgun can acquire who has a valid acquisition authorization (hunting license for hunters, WBK for sports shooters).

New and used self-loading shotguns can be purchased either at your local gunsmith / gun dealer or online. On you can quickly find the ideal self-loading shotgun for you thanks to intelligent filters and great offers.

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