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BBs in the field of airsoft are the pellets that are fired from airsoft weapons. There are various explanations for the term BB, the most widely used are Baby Bullet or Ball Bearing . Baby Bullet stands for "small bullet", as opposed to those fired by live weapons. Ball Bearing for the bullets in ball bearings that were fired in the first models, according to a widely accepted theory. Most often, the BBs have a diameter of 6 mm, which is why these softair guns are also assigned the caliber 6mm BB. In terms of weapons law, the BBs are classified as bullets. In addition to the 6mm BB caliber, there are other sizes, especially abroad, which are abbreviated as follows: BBB for .190" (4.83 mm) and BB for .180" (4.57 mm). BBs are usually made of plastic, but in the meantime bullets made of biodegradable materials are becoming more and more widespread. The airsoft game is very dynamic and the consumption of BBs is very high, which is why hundreds of BBs are easily shot per game day. Price 1000 are about 5 to 20 euros, depending on the material, weight and quality.

In the following Airsoft BBs in caliber 6 mm, according to intended use. The decisive factor for the ideal weight of the bullets is the energy with which the weapon accelerates the bullets. This is measured at the muzzle of the barrel - hence "muzzle energy".

Weight Use
0,12 g Toy Airsoft with a muzzle energy of less than 0.25 joules
0,16 g Toy airsoft with muzzle energy up to 0.5 joules
0,20 g Standard Airsoft, well suited for short distances. Susceptible to external influences such as wind at further firing distances. Ideal for muzzle energies of up to 0.9 joules.
0,23 g up to 1 joule muzzle energy
0,25g Stable trajectory. 0.25 g is the upper limit for non-modified airsoft weapons
0,28 g Cheap alternative to BBs with 0.30g. Useful from 0.5 joules muzzle energy
0,30 g Ideal weight for precision airsoft
0,36 g Slow flying but flight stable airsoft ammunition for precision weapons
0,43 g From 3 joules muzzle energy, exclusively precision weapons


Ballistically, Bio-BBs are now in no way inferior to traditional plastic BBs. For environmental reasons, plastic bullets are now no longer allowed in most fields. Bio-BBs are made of biodegradable materials such as stone meal or starch. However, this sustainability is also their disadvantage; they do not last indefinitely and, if stored poorly, can decompose even before they are shot.



Tracer BBs are special airsoft bullets that are coated with a flourescent agent and therefore glow in the dark. To achieve this effect when fired, they are flashed with a tracer in the gun when fired and then glow in flight.

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