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So-called active hearing protection is hearing protection which, thanks to integrated microphones and loudspeakers, makes it possible to hear as close to reality as possible; only noise above a certain volume is masked out. This means that you can shoot without damaging your hearing and still hear the instructor's explanations. For hunting training, but also for hunting practice, such electronic hearing protection is indispensable, which is why it belongs to the basic equipment of every hunter. Also, some models amplify certain sounds, so that one is more quickly aware of game moving in the undergrowth, for example.

A hunting alternative to hearing protection is the installation of a silencer. A silencer protects not only the shooter but also the driver and hunting dogs. Moreover, it cannot be forgotten by the shooter.

Hearing protection is essential for hunting shooting, especially if a silencer is not fitted to the weapon. Even when a silencer is used, however, active hearing protection is part of every hunter's basic equipment. For example, it is recommended to use active hearing protection even with a silencer in narrow cockpits with small hatches, because the sound of the shot is reflected directly from all sides and is thus redirected back to the shooter. The same occurs on the shooting range, even there the shot bang is loud enough to damage human hearing despite the silencer.

In large calibers, many hunters use a muzzle brake instead of a silencer, which reduces the recoil of the weapon by redirecting the bullet gases to the rear. However, this also makes the bullet sound louder for the shooter - hearing protection is indispensable.

We advise, especially for models that are to be used for hunting, that the capsules that enclose the ears are as "slim" as possible - and that the shooter is not restricted in his freedom of movement by wearing the hearing protection. When visiting the shooting range, it may do even a bulky hearing protection, because you can, even when shooting at the running boar time and get ready for the shot. When shooting, especially in driven hunts, the decision must often be made in a few seconds and a safe shooting position must be taken while standing. A bulky hearing protector can be disadvantageous for the shooter.

An alternative to earmuffs is an in-ear model, which can also be equipped with a microphone and small speakers.

Active hearing protectors are available from about 50 euros and can cost over 300 euros. For example, with in-ear models, which are individually adapted to the ear canal of the shooter.

To save money, you could theoretically also use a passive hearing protector, i.e. a model that does without a microphone and integrated speakers. Such models are already available for a few euros in hardware stores. However, the wearer can no longer hear ambient noise when using them. When using passive hearing protection, the only option is to put the hearing protection on just before the shot. On the one hand, this movement can betray the hunter and entice the game to flee; on the other hand, the hunter loses valuable time before the shot. In our opinion, passive hearing protectors are completely unsuitable for hunting.

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