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Rifle cartridges

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Rifle cartridges are those cartridges that can be fired from rifles (long guns with rifled barrels). The projectiles are often called "bullet". It precisely shoots a projectile in one shot - unlike the shotgun cartridge, which is fired from blank barrels and in which many small bullets are scattered.

Cases of rifle cartridges often have a bottle shape, as this allows the powder chamber to be increased without the length-to-diameter ratio of the case becoming too large. If the case were too elongated, there would be a risk that the charge would not ignite completely during firing and that unburned powder would leave the barrel, reducing performance. The cases of heavy hunting caliber cartridges such as.30-06 Sprg. caliber or 8 x 57 IS caliber are cylindrical or slightly conical.

As mentioned above, when such a cartridge is fired, a single projectile is precisely delivered to the target. Whereas buckshot is only used on small and light targets (in Germany small game except roe deer) and usually has an operational distance of max. 30-50m, safe shooters can shoot game cleanly at up to 350m with the help of a rifle projectile.

The cost of rifle cartridges varies greatly depending on the caliber and the type of laboratory and bullet. As a rule, the cartridges are sold in packages of 20 pieces. The common rifle cartridges usually cost between 50-100€ in a pack of 20.

Anyone who has a valid license to purchase rifle cartridges (hunting license for hunters, WBK for sport shooters) can purchase rifle cartridges.

Rifle cartridges are either at the gunsmith / gun dealer of your confidence. Many hunters also buy their ammunition at their local Frankonia branch. But you can also buy ammunition of any kind online. you can quickly find the right ammunition for your rifle thanks to intelligent filters and great offers.

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