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Bolt action rifles

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Designed for precise single-shot shooting, the bolt-action rifle is frequently used by hunters in particular, but also by marksmen and sport shooters. Since its introduction in the mid-19th century, it has become the hunting weapon par excellence for hunting cloven-hoofed game and is now by far the most commonly used type of rifle.

Due to its mode of operation, it is predestined for a wide variety of hunting activities such as stalking, raised hide hunting or driven h unts.

The system is simple but functional: after the shot has been fired, the bolt of the bolt action rifle is operated by manually pushing it back and forward again. This ejects the empty cartridge case from the chamber and feeds a new cartridge from a magazine into the chamber. Except for the so-called manual cocks, the lock of the bolt action rifle is also cocked during this process, so that a shot can be fired again quickly.

By far the most common form of bolt action rifle is the chambered bolt action rifle, whose special form, the straight pull bolt action rifle, is becoming increasingly popular. Underlever repeaters as well as fore-end repeaters are rather rare in the field of rifles.

The cost of a bolt action rifle varies greatly, as the market of new and used guns for this form of weapon is particularly large due to its popularity. Thus, one can spend from a few hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars for a bolt action rifle.

Solid but simply built bolt action rifles such as the M18 from Mauser, also known as "Volksrepetierer", with a new price of ~1000€ form the lower price range edge of the reliable bolt action rifles from German quality manufacturing.

For the absolute classics among the still common premium models of bolt action rifles, the Sauer 404 and the Blaser R8, you have to invest at least three times as much.

The market for used bolt action rifles also offers interesting deals. If you are interested, you can find the right used self loading rifle on!

A bolt action rifle can be purchased by anyone who has a valid purchase authorization (hunting license for hunters, WBK for sport shooters).

New and used bolt action rifles can be purchased either at your local gunsmith or online. On you can quickly find the ideal bolt action rifle for you thanks to intelligent filters and great deals.

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