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The 10 most important survival skills - how to survive in the wilderness

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In a world of increasing uncertainty, from the occurrence of unforeseen pandemics to more frequent natural disasters to political unrest, the importance of survival skills has never been more evident. Survival skills not only prepare us for unpredictable challenges, they can also build confidence and add significant value to our lives.

Survival skills are not only useful for crisis situations, they can also be applied to everyday life and help us be more independent and resilient. In addition, learning and practicing these skills, such as wilderness orientation, fire lighting, or knot tying, can be a fun and rewarding experience. It connects us to nature and teaches us to trust our instincts and be creative when faced with challenges.

In the following section, we will explore the top ten survival skills and how to prepare for them. Whether you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, preparing for a potential crisis, or simply looking for a new challenge, these skills can empower you and help you face the unpredictable with greater confidence.


1. orientation

The ability to find your way in the wilderness is essential for survival. This can include reading maps, using a compass, and understanding natural landmarks. To learn these skills, you could take orienteering courses or go on hikes where you try to find your way using only a map and compass.


2. first aid

First aid skills are essential in a survival situation. You should be able to treat basic medical problems such as cuts, fractures, burns, and bites. There are many first aid courses you can take to learn these skills.


3. making fire

The ability to make fire is fundamental to survival. It provides heat, allows you to cook food and purify water, and can serve as a signal for help. Practice different techniques for making fire, including using matches, lighters, flints, and even rubbing sticks.


4. build shelter

In a survival situation, proper shelter is critical. It protects you from the elements and can keep you safe from dangerous animals. Practice building shelters with materials available in your area, such as branches, leaves, and snow.


5. food gathering

The ability to find and harvest food in the wild is critical to survival. This can include identifying edible plants, hunting animals, and fishing. Read books, attend workshops, or go with an experienced guide to learn these skills.


6. water sourcing and treatment

Water is essential for life, but in the wilderness it can often be contaminated. The ability to find and treat clean drinking water can ensure survival. Learn how to find water sources and how to purify water through boiling, filtering, or chemical treatment.


7. knot tying

The ability to tie various knots can be useful in a variety of survival situations, from fortifying shelters to fishing. There are many books and online resources that teach you how to tie different types of knots.


8. navigation

The ability to find your way without technological aids is extremely useful in the wilderness. This includes skills such as reading the stars, understanding wind directions, and recognizing landmarks. Courses and books on navigation can be very helpful in this regard.


9. survival psychology

Survival often requires more than physical skills - it also requires mental toughness. Learning techniques to manage stress, maintain morale, and overcome fear and panic can make a big difference. Reflections on survival psychology can often be found in survival courses and literature.


10. give signals

If you are in distress, it is important to know how to signal effectively for help. This may include giving smoke signals, making signal patterns on the ground, or using a mirror to reflect sunlight. Survival courses and books can teach you more about how to call for attention.

Overall, learning these survival skills requires both study and hands-on experience. However, through courses, books, online resources, and lots of practice, you can be better prepared to hold your own in a survival situation.


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