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The Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta, which was first mentioned in a document in 1526, is one of the largest Italian weapons companies. For many years, Beretta has stood for a very wide range of products and, in addition to shotguns for hunting and target shooting, also manufactures pistols, submachine guns for the military and police, and CO2 weapons. Likewise the ordnance weapons of some authorities and armies are manufactured by Beretta.

Furthermore, the Beretta manufacture offers exclusive hunting rifles such as the S010 or the S09, which become absolute luxury weapons with elaborate engravings. Beretta also pays attention to elegant design in many other of their hunting rifles - especially the more classic cross-barreled shotguns. The brand is therefore not only known for weapons of high technical quality, but also stands for elegant, traditional design.

Price range (shotguns): 2.000€-8.000€

Price range (self-loading rifle): ~1.500€

Price range (pistols): 600€-2.000€

Price range (CO2 weapons): 50€-400€

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