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Sell for free: Directly through Gunfinder

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On Gunfinder there is the possibility to sell directly.

Immediate sale

You have one or more guns that you want to sell immediately- stress-free, risk-free and immediate- we will make you a good offer within one day. If you agree, we will pick up the weapon shortly by courier and you will get the money immediately.

Gunfinder ads are displayed alongside other sellers' search results in our search results and are highlighted as Gunfinder listings.

Users searching for a specific product will still find the best offer from all major online retailers, such as eGun, Frankonia or VDB's gun market. Furthermore, the searcherg

On the input page you can select the price, the category, the condition of the product, the zip code and also the caliber. The exact categorization makes it easier to find the weapons or other products later, if certain filters are applied. wuc

Important: Exact designation!

Online, many high-quality weapons are offered at low prices - however, it is often difficult for interested parties to find them at all. This is true for human users as well as for search engines and their algorithms. The reason for this is often the name and description of the product. "Grandpa's old rifle" is less clear than "Sauer 202 & Zeiss Victory HT 2.5-12x50"!

We recommend writing the title of the ad as follows:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Model
  3. in brackets: (caliber)
  4. if available: Scope

So e.g. "Merkel Helix (.308 Win) & Swarovski Z8i 2-16x50 P".

Informative photos:

To accurately represent your products, you can also upload up to 15 pictures for free.

The most important thing is the overall impression of the rifle. It should be well illuminated on the photo, be seen in its entirety and preferably in a horizontal position. For the other pictures, detailed shots of the highly stressed wear parts such as the breech or the trigger are recommended. In addition, for many prospective buyers a real gain: a shot picture. Anyone selling a gun that literally shoots "hole in hole" should definitely include this information in their ad.

By the way, not only weapons can be advertised on Gunfinder - any equipment for hunting, sport shooting and outdoor activities can be offered and is very welcome.

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