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Under the Merkel brand, the hunting and sporting rifles of Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH, founded in 1898, are produced and distributed. Merkel is the last major hunting and sporting rifle manufacturer to remain at the historic hunting rifle site in Suhl. Merkel combines traditional handcrafted production methods with the highest standards of quality and safety with a large vertical range of manufacture.

Since 2010, Merkel has been producing and selling a completely newly developed bolt action rifle, the RX Helix, whose classic twist-action bolt action has been combined with a transmission gear to create a fast straight-pull repeater and whose name is based on the novel Helix bolt action principle.

Merkel offers a wide range of products that includes bolt action rifles, break-barrel rifles, buck rifles, triple shotguns, buck double shotguns, cross shotguns and more.

Price range (shotguns): ~6.500€

Price class (rifles): 1.500€-10.00€

Price class (Combined arms): 2.500€-14.000€

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