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FALKE 1-8 × 24

FALKE 1-8 × 24

FALKE 1-8x24 PRO-Serie Gen2 FFP Zielfernrohr mit SAS-Absehen - Speed Aiming Solution


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FALKE 1-8 x 24

The rifle scope "1-8 x 24 " is the "smaller" rifle scope of the PRO series of the young German brand FALKE. It was developed as a compact rifle scope for dynamic shooting in hunting and in the field of shooting sports and therefore has a comparatively very large field of view. The magnification range also supports its use in this field.

Like almost all target optics from the house of FALKE, the 1-8x24is characterized by its robustness and should convince above all by its price-performance ratio.

Original price: ~529€

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