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.30-06 SPR. .300 Win. Mag. .308 Win. 6,5 Creedmoor



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Design & Aesthetics
Versatility & Modularity

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Design & Aesthetics
Versatility & Modularity

Beretta BRX1

Brand new product innovation from Beretta in October 2021: The straight pull repeater Beretta BRX1. Five years of development time went into the new flagship of the Italian traditional manufacturer.

The straight-pull repeater shows at first glance by its modern design, in addition, the smooth repetition process, the high magazine capacity (5 + 1), even with Magnum calibers, and the quick magazine change is quickly noticed - self-redent, the weapon is also very precise.

The rotating bolt is based on Beretta's ARX assault rifle and locks with eight warts. The magnum caliber bolt (.300 Win. Mag.) even has 16 warts - arranged in a double row. The safety on the system case can easily be mistaken for a manual cocking device- but the rifle still has a three-position safety. In the secured state, the hammer is mechanically blocked, completely detached from the trigger unit.

The trigger unit of the gun is completely removable, you only need a knife or a screwdriver to release the safety spring. This makes it easy to adjust the direct trigger. The trigger weight can be selected between three resistances: 900 g, 1,100 g or 1,300 g. Five medium or magnum cartridges fit in the magazine, plus one in the barrel - an excellent starting position for driven hunts!

The barrel diameter of the gun is 16mm, it has a double-row magazine with a capacity of 5+1. In addition, there is a tool-free adjustable shotgun trigger, which can be set at 900g, 1100g and 1300g. In addition, the length of the stock can be varied via intermediate layers. So it can be varied from 343mm to 393mm. Depending on the size and preference of the shooter. In addition, which is an advantage especially for female hunters, that an interchangeable, steeper pistol grip is also available.

The gun is also excellently suited for left-handers: Not only can the chamber stem be attached on the left, but the ejector's ejection direction can also be freely selected. Only the bolt head has to be rotated by 180 degrees for this. And the breech lever can also be mounted on either side without the need for special tools. A steel Picatinny rail is also already included. A Tikka prism rail or short prism rail are optional.

Price advantage of the rifle:

In addition to the magazine capacity of 5+1 (standard caliber), the price is also striking: the Beretta BRX1 costs only 1599 euros.

Beretta BRX1 on YouTube:

Technical specifications

Marke Beretta
Kaliber .30-06 SPR.
.300 Win. Mag.
.308 Win.
6,5 Creedmoor
Total weight 3,300 g
Barrel length 51 cm
Stock material Polymer
Magazine capacity (standard) 5+1
Manual cocking nein
Trigger Direktabzug
Hair trigger nein
RRP $1,599.00